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Welcome to my home page!

Let me first tell you about myself and my work.
I graduated from the Szeged Medical University. After graduation I was invited by Professor Ribári to work at the university's Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, where I was able to join the clinical and research work carried out at the university.

I was able to work together with prominent personalities such as Prof. Jenő Czigner, Prof. József Jóri, Dr. habil. József Géza Kiss, Dr. Edit Kadocsa, and Dr. Imre Berényi, whom I have come to consider as my teachers. In learning the profession I owe thanks to Dr. László Iván and Dr. Éva Szabados.



As far as my scientific career is concerned, I owe thanks and gratitude to Prof. György Benedek, Prof. Gábor Jancsó, Prof. István Sziklai and Prof. Ferenc Bari. In my professional studies I have learned very much at other Hungarian universities as well: Professors Miklós Bauer and József Pytel in Pécs, and Professors Ottó Ribári, László Z. Szabó and Gábor Répássy in Budapest.


I was able to acquire the technique of and experience in several surgical procedures in the field of ear surgery and cerebral base surgery during my stay in Michigan in 1993, for which I am grateful to Professors Charles J. Krause, Josef M. Miller, and Alfred L. Nuttall.

 I was the first to describe in 1996 one of the neurological systems of the inner ear and the circulation regulation of the brain stem with the help of laser examinations. This provided information on the causes and treatment of hearing loss, ringing of the ears, tinnitus and dizziness for my colleagues and myself.

In the past 23 years I carried out more than 10 thousand successful ear, nose and throat surgeries with both the most up-to-date laser and conventional medical equipment as well.
Besides introducing new surgical procedures, I have also been able to participate in international research projects as well.

In 1993 and 1996 I carried out medical experiments on animals in Ann Arbor, MI, in the USA, and I was the first in the world to test the effect of the trigeminal nerve in controlling the inner ear.

 I was invited to continue this work in Portland, Oregon, in the USA, where the scientific work started by me is now continued in several departments.







I have completed my habilitation at the University of Szeged.

In 1997 I was awarded the Széchenyi Professorship by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

In 2001 I was appointed Associate Professor under Professor Jenő Czigner at the university clinic in Szeged. I currently work in my private outpatient clinic.




In 1997 I was awarded a PhD in Medical Science for my medical and scientific achievements by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. I owe thanks to Professors Jenő Czigner, György Benedek, Gábor Jancsó and Ferenc Bari, who acted as heads of programs and my advisors and provided continuous support to my work..



 I have visited as part of study and work trips in Tuzla (Bosnia), Greifswald (Germany), Gent (Switzerland), Turku (Finland), Seattle, WA, Rochester, NY, Ann Arbor, MI, Detroit, MI, Toledo, OH, Minneapolis, MN, Portland, OR (USA), Auckland (New Zealand), Vienna (Austria), Baltimore, MD (USA), Salzburg (Austria), and Stockholm (Sweden).


My private outpatient clinic

I work to use my knowledge and experience to the benefit of my ear, nose and throat patients. In my outpatient clinic I have the most modern equipment – a high resolution surgical microscope, an endoscope suitable for the examination of the nose and throat, audiology examination equipment (such as a tympanometer), and laser equipment.

My aims and philosophy of medicine

A few years ago I suffered from a long, several month long illness. This is when I realized that my patients need me to treat them and not their illnesses, and that medicine is about more than just treating an organ. I successfully recovered from my illness. I would like to use my renewed energy for the benefit of my patients. I hope you will trust me for your treatment. 

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